" To the authority I was rubbish, just a piece of shit. I vowed to prove to them that everything has value. My story is a simple story. Scrap is my study. My father told me: “If you turn your hand upward to beg – you become a slave. If you turn it to the earth, you become a man.” I have made a life from my hands. This life is hired out to me to decorate this earth with glee! I want to give people a message of hope in the form of a lighthouse, and to inspire the youth with a message of moving forward in the form of a wagon. As soon as it starts getting dark, I carry out the lanterns and put a candle inside. Some are hanging in the trees, some are in the sunflowers or on the ground. Then the garden is lighting. Then you see what the meaning of wonders is and what the meaning of life can be, when you make something from nothing with your hands.”   Jan Schoeman  Photo by Knut Egil Wang
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